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Year 7 Coaching

Year 7 Coaching

What is Coaching?

This year at Ralph Thoresby we are moving towards an exciting new mentoring/ form tutoring system. This will add another layer to our restorative climate for learning and ensure we know every child really well. The coach will be the first member of staff that students can go to for support and advice. They will also monitor their progress in school to ensure they are always doing and feeling their best. Students will stay with their coach from Year 7 to 11, so that they build a positive and strong working relationship with their coach that lasts their whole school career. Year 7 are the first year group that will move through their school careers in the new coaching system.

Every student will be part of a small coaching group with one member of staff and around 10 students. Having a small coaching group ensures that every student has a chance to speak to their coach about their wellbeing and how they are progressing, so that the coach can pick up and act upon any issues straight away. The coaching groups will meet together for three sessions a week:

Monday- Check in Wednesday Check up Friday Check out

The Monday sessions allow the coach to ensure every student is prepared and organised for the week ahead and to be full informed about key events and opportunities happening in school. They also share updates from their weekends and catch up on any topical areas of interest.

Wednesday provides an opportunity for a catch up with their coaches on how the week is progressing before attending the year group assembly.

Before they leave for the weekend students will have a ‘check out’ session, this is an opportunity to reflect upon and be recognised for their achievements during the week. They will also take part in a fun ‘community builder’ activity which allows pupils to make positive relationships, build upon their oracy and team building skills and end the week on a high!

The Power of Circles

During their coach sessions students sit in a circle formation. Circles are key to coaching as they provide a safe, equal and informal environment where everyone has the opportunity to speak and be listened to.

A Partnership with Home

As well as building strong relationships between the coach and students, the coach will develop a strong relationship with parents and families too. There are three ‘Meet your Coach Day’ events throughout the academic year which allow the opportunity to discuss progress, agree targets and build a strong relationship between home and the coach. So that the coach can work together with home to support the learning and wellbeing of every child. Families will then have the benefit of knowing someone well in school that they know can advocate for their child and can contact if they need support.

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