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Y7/8 Girls Rugby League Tournament

Ralph Thoresby V Cockburn

This was our first game, we had a team of nine and we are receiving the ball from a kick. We started in our defensive line, caught the ball and then advanced into an attacking line. There are no half-times in all the games we played. Our defence were really strong and so was our attack. The final sore was 4-3 to Ralph Thoresby.

Ralph Thoresby V Carr Manor

This was our second game, same as before we had a team of nine on the field. Again, we started in our defensive line and progressed into an attacking line. We communicated very well and we were able to make strong passes as a result. Our defence made many tackles. The final score was 6-2 to Ralph Thoresby

Ralph Thoresby V Bishop Young

This was our third game. We started well and, in the past, we have beaten this team, but the new team were bigger and stronger than before. We played a totla of 12 minutes and then the game was over. The final score was 2-2 which left us with a draw.

Ralph Thoresby V Temple Moor

Our last game of the afternoon, however this game was just for fun. We had finished the tournament but all of the 3 games weren’t enough for us! We plated them for eight minutes and won 3-2.

We had a lot of fun during the tournament and played really well. Our focus for the next sets of games is to improve our passing into spaces.

Match report by Sophia Cripwell


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