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Transition to Home Learning

Information for parents

To help parents understand the the different levels of home learning and what you can expect from school, we’ve put together the following guide that will take you through our remote learning strategy and what it all means.

Click here to read the guide

In the student section (below) you will find guides for students (video and PDF) that show you how to install and use Microsoft Teams – our software for the delivery of live lessons. Each student is also entitled to access and download the full suite of Microsoft office products (words, excel etc). For more information, go to this page… https://www.ralphthoresby.co.uk/software-access/

In Teams, classes are listed as a class code, e.g. 11R3Sc =  Year 11, group R3, subject Science. A full list of subject codes can be found in the student section below…

Information for students

If you’ve been asked to self-isolate, you will still have access to your school work. Your work will be available on OneDrive. You need access to your school email account in order to access the work.

If you need your email details to login, email [email protected] from your personal email, or your parent/carers email address. You’ll be then sent your email login details so that you can access your work.

If your teachers have scheduled live lessons (Tier 2-4), then you will need access to Microsoft Teams. Below, you will find some guides and videos on downloading and using Teams:

Student Guide PDF

Installing Teams Video

Basic Teams Use Video

You can access your OneDrive lesson folders by clicking the link below:

Year 7-9

Year 10

Year 11

Year 12

Year 13

You should stick to your timetable and complete the work during the correct time. You should send any completed work to your class teacher. If you are having trouble completing any of the work, please email your teacher. Their email address can be found in the table below:

Initial Surname Email Subject
A Goodrum [email protected] Art
F Jordan [email protected] Art
S Knight [email protected] Art
C Bradley [email protected] Business Studies
M Hancock [email protected] Business Studies
P Jones [email protected] Business Studies
A Gill [email protected] Computing/iMedia
E Teall [email protected] Computing/iMedia
J Padbury [email protected] Computing/iMedia
S Williams [email protected] Drama
S Ross [email protected] Drama/English
P Boden-Hook [email protected] English
S Fletcher [email protected] English
L Henderson [email protected] English
A Krivan [email protected] English
P Padmore [email protected] English
M Price [email protected] English
K Wolstenholme [email protected] English
J Zambrano [email protected] English
H Oxtoby [email protected] Food Tech
C Hutson [email protected] Geography
D Illingworth [email protected] Geography
J Missin [email protected] Geography
J Thomas [email protected] Health & Social
H Fletcher [email protected] Health & Social
L Head [email protected] Health & Social
R Liptrott [email protected] History
R Ward [email protected] History
S Amir [email protected] Maths
C Byrne [email protected] Maths
A Caswell [email protected] Maths
S Singh [email protected] Maths
S Glover [email protected] Maths
M Harter [email protected] Maths
B Keyes [email protected] Maths
J Powney [email protected] Maths
E Boyes [email protected] Maths
C Whiteley [email protected] Maths
C Bourne [email protected] Modern Foreign Languages
J Oldridge [email protected] Modern Foreign Languages
A Taylor [email protected] Modern Foreign Languages
L Robinson [email protected] Music
S Hackshaw [email protected] Music
J Hammond [email protected] Music
V Hope [email protected] PE/Sport
S Hunt [email protected] PE/Sport
S Mcleer [email protected] PE/Sport
H Singh [email protected] PE/Sport
A Richardson [email protected] PE/Sport & Health and Social
R Jones [email protected] Photography
C Bell [email protected] RE/Citizenship
E Little [email protected] RE/Citizenship
F Mahmood [email protected] RE/Citizenship
J Cheetham [email protected] Science
G Cowgill [email protected] Science
C Garbutt [email protected] Science
I Boyle [email protected] Science
R Gillot [email protected] Science
D Mulvaney [email protected] Science
L Proll [email protected] Science
R Wilkins [email protected] Science
R Meegan [email protected] Technology
A Smith [email protected] Technology

Your teacher will give you feedback on your work once you send it.

At the end of each day, someone from school will be in touch to discuss your progress for that day. You’ll be asked what work you’ve completed, whether it has been sent to your teacher and whether you had any issues completing your work.

Class Codes

Please use the following list to identify which codes correspond with which subject on your child’s timetable.

Code Description
Ar Art
B3 BTec Business 12/13
Ba Applied Science
Bb BTec Business KS4
Bi Biology
Bs Business Studies
Cd Child Development
Ch Chemistry
Ci Citizenship
Cm Core Maths
Cp Computing
Da Dance
Df Dual Language
Dr Drama
Ea English(LWD)
Eb Econ/Business
Ed English dual
Ee Extra English
El English Literature
En English
Er English resit
Ex English Intevention
Fa Football Academy
Fr French
Ge German
Gg Geography
H2 BTec H&S KS4
H3 BTec H&S KS5
Hi History
Im IMedia
In Intervention 121
La Law
Lb Library
Li Literacy
Ls Life Skill
Lw Law
Ma Mathematics
Me Mentor
Mf Further Maths
Mr Maths Resit
Mu Music
Mx Extra maths
Nu Numeracy
Pd Product Design
Ph Physics
Pr Philosophy & Religion
Pt Photography
Px Product Design Additional
Py Psychology
Rs Religious Studies
S2 Level 2 Sport
Sc Science
Sn Spanish
So Sociology
Sp Sports Studies
St Supervised Study
Sx Extended Sport
Te Technology
Tf Food
Tg Graphics
Tr Resistant Materials
Ts Theatre Studies
Tx Textiles
WW-Arts  Wider World – Arts rotation
WW-Hums Wider World – Humanities

for further information on the wider modern world, please see our Y8

Parent Portal

Parent Portal