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Timetable Subject and Staff Codes

Subject Codes

Please use the following list to identify which codes correspond with which subject on your child’s timetable.

Code Description
Ar Art
B3 BTec Business 12/13
Ba Applied Science
Bb BTec Business KS4
Bi Biology
Bs Business Studies
Cd Child Development
Ch Chemistry
Ci Citizenship
Cm Core Maths
Cp Computing
Da Dance
Df Dual Language
Dr Drama
Ea English(LWD)
Eb Econ/Business
Ed English dual
Ee Extra English
El English Literature
En English
Er English resit
Ex English Intevention
Fa Football Academy
Fr French
Ge German
Gg Geography
H2 BTec H&S KS4
H3 BTec H&S KS5
Hi History
Im IMedia
In Intervention 121
La Law
Lb Library
Li Literacy
Ls Life Skill
Lw Law
Ma Mathematics
Me Mentor
Mf Further Maths
Mr Maths Resit
Mu Music
Mx Extra maths
Nu Numeracy
Pd Product Design
Ph Physics
Pr Philosophy & Religion
Pt Photography
Px Product Design Additional
Py Psychology
Rs Religious Studies
S2 Level 2 Sport
Sc Science
Sn Spanish
So Sociology
Sp Sports Studies
St Supervised Study
Sx Extended Sport
Te Technology
Tf Food
Tg Graphics
Tr Resistant Materials
Ts Theatre Studies
Tx Textiles
WW-Arts  Wider World – Arts rotation
WW-Hums Wider World – Humanities
WW-MFL Wider World- Modern Foreign Languages
WW-Tech Wider World- Technology

for further information on the wider modern world, please see our Y8 choices booklet

Teaching Staff Codes

CBE Ms Chloe BELL Assistant Headteacher
PBH Mr Peter BODEN-HOOK Joint Head of English
CB Mrs Claire BOURNE Languages
EB Miss Emma BOYES Maths
IB Ms Iona BOYLE Head of Science
CAB Ms Carol BRADLEY Business Studies
CBY Mr Chris BYRNE Maths
AC Miss Angela CASWELL Deputy Headteacher, Mathematics
WJC Mr Will CARR Headteacher
JC Mr John CHEETHAM Science
GC Mr Graham COWGILL Assistant Headteacher
AD Miss Amy DEWHURST RE & Citizenship
HF Miss Holly FLETCHER Joint Head of H&SC
CG Miss Catherine GARBUTT Assistant Head of Science
AMG Mr Amandeep GILL Computing
RG Mrs Ruth GILLOTT Ast Head of Science
SG Mr Scott GLOVER Head of Mathematics
AG Ms Andrea GOODRUM Art
SJH Mr Steven HACKSHAW Senior Assistant Headteacher, Music
JHA Mrs Jennie HAMMOND Music
LHD Ms Laura HEAD Head of H&SC
KHA Miss Katie HAZELWOOD English
LH Ms Lucy HENDERSON Joint Head of English
MH Mr Mark HANCOCK Business Studies, Safeguarding Officer
VH2 Ms Victoria HOPE Head of PE
SO Miss Sian HUNT PE
CDH Mr Christopher HUTSON Geography
DI Mr Daniel ILLINGWORTH Geography
CJ Miss Chelsea JAMES Head of RE & PSHCE
PJ Mr Paul JONES Area Leader – Vocational, Business
GPE Mr Gabor PETKOV Computing
RJ Mr Robert JONES Photography
FJ Miss Fleur JORDAN Textiles and Art
SK Mr Stuart KNIGHT Head of Art
REL Mrs Rachel LIPTROTT Head of History
FM Miss Faheesa MAHMOOD RS+Citizenship
GM Miss Gemma McPARTLING Music
Kmi Mrs Katherine MIDDLETON English
JM2 Mr Jonathan MISSIN Head of Geography
DJM Mr David MULVANEY Assistant Head of Science
VO Mrs Vicky O’MALLEY Humanities
PP Mr Paul PADMORE Ast Head of English
MP Miss Megan PRICE English
LP Mr Lewis PROLL Science
AR Mr Ashley RICHARDSON Assistant Head of PE
LR Mr Luke ROBINSON Head of Music
LNR Miss Laura ROMANOWSKI English
SR Miss Samantha ROSS Drama with English
MS Ms Mhari SHEARER History & Humanities
HS Mr Harmesh SINGH PE
SSI Mr Sanjay SINGH Maths
APS Mr Andrew SMITH Head of D & T
ET Mr Evangeline TEALL Head of Computing
AT Mr Andrew TAYLOR Head of MFL
ATR Ms Antonia TURNER Maths
RW Mr Richard WARD History
CSW Ms Chantelle WHITELEY Mathematics
RWI Mr Richard WILKINS Science
SW Miss Sharlene WILLIAMS Head of Drama
KW Ms Kate Wolstenholme English

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