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  • As students of the school you have the right to have your hard work and excellent behaviour for learning recognised and rewarded.
  • Any rewards should be fair and proportionate.
  • The table below shows a summary of the main rewards you can expect to qualify for in a school year.


As a reward for your fantastic effort across a school year, your entire year group will visit an attraction such as Flamingo Land in June.  Remember that you will need to maintain excellent levels of attendance and punctuality as well as consistently good progress in your subjects to be eligible for this trip.


This important evening event held in June rewards students for their consistently outstanding attendance and punctuality to school and performance in their subject areas.  It is the opportunity to celebrate and share your success with your family and friends.  Award winners are allowed to wear the Golden Owl Award badge on the lapel of their blazer.

ASDA PASS (Years 10 & 11 only)

If your attendance is consistently about 97%, you are never late to school or lessons and you are progressing well in all of your subjects, you may qualify for a pass allowing you out of school to visit ASDA during your lunch break.  Remember though – this privilege can be taken away from you if you fail to maintain these standards.


At least twice a term, your head of year can nominate you for a Headteacher’s Award for your efforts in any aspect of school life; this could be, for example, improved attendance, extra-curricular activities or school service.  Your head of year may also attend this event.







Your head of year will be following your progress across all of your subjects, as well as your attendance and behaviour in school, and will award prizes to individuals and groups of students throughout the year.  These could include, for example: Blazer star badges, a cinema experience, a rewards breakfast, an early lunch pass and trips out of school.









This takes place during week 5 of every half term.  Staff hand out raffle tickets (usually during lessons, but may also be out of lessons) to any student ‘Caught being brilliant’.

Raffle tickets go into a draw and a winner is drawn during year group assemblies

Achievement Codes Given by Staff

Key 5 Achievement Codes (each scores 5 points)


‘HOMEWORK’ – Outstanding homework/consistently good homework – can be one homework or a series of high quality homeworks

‘ATTENDANCE’ Consistently above 97% attendance – awarded once per 2 weeks by mentors on Attendance Monday Week B, based on running attendance % total STARTING ON MON 28 SEP 15

‘LESSON SUPERSTAR’only awarded to one student per lesson for their outstanding contribution to the lesson, especially supporting the learning of others

‘PROGRESS’ Consistently achieving/exceeding school targets – awarded no more than once per 2 weeks by subject staff

‘ACTIVE CONTRIBUTION’ Involvement in school service/school representation/extra-curricular activity/sporting success etc

Other ACHIEVEMENT codes (each scores 1 point)


  • Helpful in class (collecting books, helping others etc)
  • Homework
  • Excellent effort
  • Outstanding work

Award Certificates


Reward Certificate

How many achievement codes?  

What do you get?





Certificate and BRONZE STAR blazer badge




Certificate and SILVER STAR blazer badge




Certificate and GOLD STAR blazer badge

Headteacher Award



Certificate and rewarded personally by the headteacher

Chair of Governors Award



Certificate and rewarded personally by Chair of Governors

Postcards Home

All your classroom staff will send postcards home to your parents and carers to inform them about the excellent progress you are making in your subjects.

Also, you may be given the opportunity to thank staff by sending postcards to their homes.

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