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Pastoral Care

We believe that all pupils can be successful in an environment which is caring, ambitious and encouraging. Ralph Thoresby School is a positive, forward thinking and inclusive school that provides an atmosphere which supports pupils and enables their success as well as the development of character and well-being. Our pupils know that they are valued as individuals with unique needs, strengths and potential.

‘Students are pleasant, polite and courteous to visitors. Around school they are well behaved and get on well together. They are proud of their school, which is free of litter.’ Ofsted

Our standards and expectations of each individual ensures that, by the time they leave school, our students are intellectually curious and emotionally intelligent thinkers, eager to engage with the world around them whilst resisting the rush to judgment, sensitive to the needs and beliefs of others but with the courage of their own convictions too.

Heads of Year and supporting teams:

We have 5 non-teaching Heads of Year; their sole purpose is to look after each year group and ensure that each individual student has a positive experience at high school. Our competent and effective team support your child during the transition phase all the way through to final examinations at the end of year 11. The head of year is often the first port of call for many parents. Our heads of year ensure that each year group is fully equipped to achieve their potential both in and out of lessons. Our heads of year are complimented by an excellent team of pastoral staff from our fantastic support professionals through to our BRIDGE team. Our pastoral staff ensure that students have a voice and can develop the skills necessary to work with others in a supportive and caring way. To view our head of year team, please see below.

Our sixth form is led by our co-directors of sixth form; Sasha Leader and Tom Stubbs who work hard to ensure that our sixth form students are supported throughout their time with us.

Our COPE team support our young people who have additional needs. This fantastic team offer support each and every day and build fantastic relationships with our young people. For more information, please get in contact with us.


Each student will be placed into a mentor group. Every mentor group meets each morning and goes through a timetable of activities that are designed to promote interaction and debate as well as focus on core standards and support of our young people. Each student’s mentor is there to meet the students every morning and ensure that they are equipped and ready for the day ahead and offer that first wave of support for our young people.

The British values of tolerance and respect:

The promotion of well-being, care for each other, respect and tolerance is at the heart of our School. The pupils know they have a voice that is listened to by teachers and fellow pupils. We run a variety of programmes in school, such as ‘Healthy Minds’, ‘Student Parliament’, ‘Anti Bullying Ambassadors’, ‘Sports Leadership courses’, ‘BEAM’ (Barnardos Equality Ambassadors) supporting LGBTQ identities.

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