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Ralph Thoresby School-Admissions

We are delighted you are interested in applying to Ralph Thoresby School as the school at which your child will develop academically, socially and professionally.

To discover more about our school, please contact Chloe Bell [email protected] to arrange a private tour.

We are pleased to work with Leeds City Council, who manage admissions for many schools locally. You will have received information from them about admissions deadlines.

Please click on the following link for more information or to apply to our world-class school:



2019 has been a year in which Ralph Thoresby has continued to go from strength-to strength.

Our focus on developing independent and resilient learners has seen an overhaul of the Key Stage 3 curriculum to ensure that every student is actively engaged in all of their lessons.

We were recognised for our exceptional new methods of assessing pupil progress in Year 7.

Our success on the sport field has been matched by great outcomes on the stage. More Year 7 students than ever have played in one of our league-winning teams or performed in our toe-tapping performance of ’Ghost-The Musical’, which has received many nominations at the Wharfedale Arts Festival.

Our school visit provision, which always ensures access for every learner, has included, amongst others, Ecuador, New York, London, Brussels, and Marseille. Students return from the trips with a renewed confidence and with an enhanced cultural awareness.

Most importantly, our students are the happiest they have ever been, with almost all of our learners saying they are ‘Extremely proud’ to be a student at Ralph Thoresby when we asked them in a recent survey.

Our hugely popular school, with over-subscribed year groups, now invites you to learn more about us in our annual Open Day.

The Open Day

On Saturday 22nd September (09:30-12:30), we will throw open our doors to hundreds of families who are eager to find out the amazing opportunities our students enjoy.

Every department will be alive with scores of Key Stage 2 pupils experiencing the outstanding facilities that our own students enjoy on a daily basis.

In the science department, for example, students will test pH levels, discover starch and sugar content, explore biology through dissection and even have the chance to (safely) set fire to their hands. Food technology students will learn how to make healthy pizzas, artists will paint mini-portraits and in maths, children will use technology in a challenging quiz.

Families will be given an ‘access all areas’ pass to see our impressive sports and recreation facilities, world-class performance spaced and will also be provided tasty lunchtime snacks by our catering team from Chartwell’s.

Perhaps most importantly, parents and students will enjoy one of our presentations of our continued drive for exceptional change. They will hear from headteacher, Will Carr, about the initiatives that are helping all of our community to achieve the highest standards. Sixth Form student will explain the changes that have helped them to take part in a multitude of extra-curricular activities, study-enhancing trips and the chances to chances to achieve their highly ambitious university plans.

Our Open Day is just one of our opportunities to see the school and we would encourage all families to visit us on a normal working day. Feel free to contact Chloe Bell , Assistant Headteacher, at school or via e-mail ([email protected]) to arrange a personal tour.

Admission Procedure

As a maintained school our admission arrangements are handled and processed by the Local Authority – Leeds City Council. Please find additional information and the online application form by following this link: www.leeds.gov.uk/residents/children-families-and-carers/schools-and-learning/school-places/admissions-secondary-schools

Although we do not process our admissions in school we are always happy to show round prospective students and their parents during the school day, so you are able to get a feel for our school. Please contact the school to arrange your visit.

Please Note:

If your year 6 child has been offered a place in the September intake please contact Leeds City Council only if you wish to decline the offer. The telephone number is 01609 533679.

For any further enquiries regarding transition please contact Chloe Bell on 01132224414

We know how daunting the move to secondary school can be for both students and parents/carers. We do lots of work with Year 6 to try to make this as smooth and easy as possible for everyone.

We have strong links with our partner primary schools. Throughout the year, staff work closely together to share good practice and link learning at Key stage 2 and 3.

At the end of Year 6, students begin a transition programme of events which will help with their move to the new school environment.

In March we send out a welcome letter and transition forms which will give information on key events that will happen on the run up to September.

In July, we hold an Information Evening where much more detail is given about the day to day routines at Ralph Thoresby School.

In July, students attend two transition days at Ralph Thoresby School, they meet teachers and sample some lessons.

Once students arrive with us in September we do a lot of work as a Pastoral Team to help with the settling in process.

Please feel free to contact Miss Bell, Assistant Headteacher should you have any questions [email protected]

Ralph Thoresby Transition Programme-Key Dates

Alongside the hugely important preparation your child is undertaking for their KS2 SATs exams, the coming weeks and months will see an exciting package of support to aid the transition between primary school and secondary school.

This table sets out key dates to help you plan for the opportunities open to you and your child between now and September.

Activity   Date
Registration Deadline The following key documents should be returned in the pre-paid envelope:

·         The green ‘Admissions Form’ signed

·         A signed ‘home-school agreement’ form

·         The 2-sided student questionnaire

Wednesday 27th March
Primary School Visits Your child’s Head of Year and I will visit each child’s school. We will get to know your son/daughter and speak to their teachers. May and June
Pastoral Induction Day Your child will meet their mentor and other key members of staff, take part in team-building activities and enjoy some of the superb activities we have on offer for all of our students.

Your child will receive a special invitation to this exciting day during our visit to their primary school. Please read this information carefully to ensure they can engage fully in the activities.

Thursday 4th July


Parents’ Information Evening This essential information evening allows you to meet your child’s mentor, learn about some of the procedures we have to ensure outstanding progress of all of our students.

You will also have the opportunity to purchase uniform and school equipment.

Thursday 4th July


Academic Induction Day Today, we will get to know more about your child’s expertise across a number of subjects. The day will ensure that every child is placed accurately for their subjects. Friday 5th July


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