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Home Learning: Staff Email List

Staff Email List

Initial Surname Email Subject
A Goodrum [email protected] Art
F Jordan [email protected] Art
S Knight [email protected] Art
C Bradley [email protected] Business Studies
M Hancock [email protected] Business Studies
P Jones [email protected] Business Studies
A Gill [email protected] Computing/iMedia
E Teall [email protected] Computing/iMedia
G Petkov [email protected] Computing/iMedia
S Williams [email protected] Drama
S Ross [email protected] Drama/English
P Boden-Hook [email protected] English
K Hazelwood [email protected] English
L Henderson [email protected] English
K Middleton [email protected] English
L Romanowski [email protected] English
P Padmore [email protected] English
M Price [email protected] English
K Wolstenholme [email protected] English
J Zambrano [email protected] English
C Hutson [email protected] Geography
D Illingworth [email protected] Geography
J Missin [email protected] Geography
J Thomas [email protected] Health & Social
H Fletcher [email protected] Health & Social
L Head [email protected] Health & Social
R Liptrott [email protected] History
R Ward [email protected] History
M Shearer [email protected] History
S Amir [email protected] Maths
C Byrne [email protected] Maths
A Caswell [email protected] Maths
S Singh [email protected] Maths
S Glover [email protected] Maths
J Powney [email protected] Maths
E Boyes [email protected] Maths
C Whiteley [email protected] Maths
A Turner [email protected] Maths
C Bourne [email protected] Modern Foreign Languages
J Oldridge [email protected] Modern Foreign Languages
A Taylor [email protected] Modern Foreign Languages
L Robinson [email protected] Music
S Hackshaw [email protected] Music
G McPartling [email protected] Music
V Hope [email protected] PE/Sport
S Hunt [email protected] PE/Sport
S Mcleer [email protected] PE/Sport
H Singh [email protected] PE/Sport
A Richardson [email protected] PE/Sport & Health and Social
R Jones [email protected] Photography
C Bell [email protected] RE/Citizenship
A Dewhurst [email protected] RE/Citizenship
C James [email protected] RE/Citizenship
F Mahmood [email protected] RE/Citizenship
J Cheetham [email protected] Science
G Cowgill [email protected] Science
C Garbutt [email protected] Science
I Boyle [email protected] Science
R Gillot [email protected] Science
D Mulvaney [email protected] Science
L Proll [email protected] Science
R Wilkins [email protected] Science
R Meegan [email protected] Technology
A Smith [email protected] Technology

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