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First Give

Students in Year 9 have been participating in an exciting Programme in Citizenship this term. The Programme is called First Give where students get to choose a social action which they feel strongly about and raise awareness for that issue. This has been the first time Ralph Thoresby students have participated in First Give and students have had a positive response as they are working on a project which they feel strongly about.

This has really engaged the students as it has helped students work together to create presentations and find different ways to raise awareness for their social issue. Over a number of weeks students were learning about all the different social issues in Leeds and the surrounding areas, and they have been researching local charities which they feel passionately about in order to help and support them.

Students have researched their chosen charity and are working towards their presentations for the big final! After the Christmas holidays, all of Year 9 will get together and present about their chosen charity! Not only will they present to the whole year group, but they will also present to external judges who will judge the best presentation in order to win £1000 for their chosen charity!

Overall students have enjoyed this programme as it is an opportunity for the students to really shine! Some of the charities have been into the school and have commented on how engaged the students are.

Here are some pictures of students in action!

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