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Exam Information

Our exams structure has changed in recent years to adapt to the reforms to both GCSEs and A-levels. We no longer offer AS level qualifications as they no longer count towards final full A-level qualifications. We firmly believe that it is far better for our students to take full A-level qualifications to ensure 100% focus on required course content. If you would like further information, please do not hesitate to contact us – exams@ralphthoresby.com

Students taking vocational subjects will have to complete examined units. These units are taken at different points throughout the 2 years. Students must pass the examined units in order to complete the course. Each student is allowed 1 resit if they do not meet the pass criteria during the first attempt of each examined unit.

In order to prepare our students for the terminal examinations at the end of Y13 we ensure that we provide enough internal examinations to ensure that our students are prepared for the rigour of A-levels at the end of Y13.

Students can typically expect internal examinations/mocks as follows (although some subject may carry out additional assessments throughout the year at different times):


December–Year 12 Mock Exams

Late June – Year 12 Mock Exams


December –Year 13 Mock Exams

May-June – A-level public examinations

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