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Entry Requirements

Typically, we ask that students achieve a minimum of 5 GCSEs at Grade 4 or above. Students who have not achieved a minimum of Grade 4 in English and maths will undertake guided learning to achieve these essential qualifications. Students must have achieved at least a grade 4 in English or maths in order to study in the sixth form.

Students will undertake a study programme with a minimum of 540 hours of guided learning each year.

Regular assessments will be taken ahead of formal A-Level examinations and where appropriate, students will receive additional support if assessment results show they have fallen below their trajectory to achieve the aspirational targets we set.

Level 3 vocational qualifications (most commonly BTECs) are equivalent in value to A-Level qualifications but have a greater focus on regular completion of portfolio work. The majority of university courses and employers welcome a broad programme of study.

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Parent Portal