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Internet Safety Advice


Your child:

  • Is secretive and closes browsing sessions quickly
  • Has intense periods of online use
  • Gets angry when unable to get online
  • Receives/makes calls from/to unknown people
  • Has more than one phone/social media account
  • Is defensive when talking about being online
  • Withdraws from family and real life friends
  • Receives gifts/packages from unknown people

What to do

  • There is no point in taking device off the young person – they will use someone else’s
  • Build an understanding of positive, loving relationships – sex isn’t top of the list!
  • Empower your child with knowledge, resilience and skills/strategies
  • Get involved – learn the technology
  • Keep yourself informed – read young people’s news – Newsbeat, The Huffington Post, Twitter
  • Be proactive

Websites with advice for Parents


Guide to setting Parental Controls This website has guides for BT, Sky, Talk Talk, and Virgin Media. www.childnet.com/resources/family-agreement A resource to help with family discussions over how you use the internet. Parent’s Guide to Technology The guide from the UK Safer Internet Centre answers frequently asked questions and introduces some of the most popular devices, highlighting the safety tools available and empowering parents with the knowledge they need to support their children to use these technologies safely and responsibly. www.ceop.police.uk Child Exploitation and Online Protection Agency’s website. www.thinkuknow.co.uk Run by CEOP, this website has advice for parents of both primary and secondary age children. www.paceuk.info    01132403040 Parents against Child Sexual Exploitation (Pace) UK http://parentinfo.org/ Expert information to help children and young people stay safe online, for parents and schools.

You can also have a read of these really helpful leaflets about specific apps and can discuss the content with your child.

Parent Portal

Parent Portal