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In History, all students will access a broad sweep of the histories of Britain, Europe and the world allowing them to develop a chronological understanding of the past, make connections between topics studied and develop an understanding on how today’s world came to be. In lessons, students will tackle a broad range of historical enquiries, develop their reading and writing skills, learn how to tackle Historical sources and analyse many social, religious, political and economic issues that have driven change over time.

By KS4, historical studies become more specialised. Students complete a breadth study in our Britain and the Health of the People Unit and depth study in our Norman England unit. Students also tackle the complexity of international relations in our Cold War Unit and explore new peoples and conflicts in our American expansion module. At KS5 units focus on revolutionary ideas and race relations; as students tackle more complex ethical, social and cultural issues. Additionally, KS5 students research, set and complete their own Historical Enquiry on the interwar years, helping to prepare them for life beyond school.

Through all key stage’s pupils will:

  • Develop a strong knowledge and understanding of events in the past and be able to make connections between them.
  • Be able to explain and evaluate the causes and consequences of historical events.
  • Possess a sound understanding of changes and continuities over long periods of time.
  • Assess the significance of key individuals, events, sites and changes.
  • Develop the skills needed to evaluate the usefulness and reliability of historical evidence.
  • Learn how to carry out in-depth research, analyse historical documents and organise key information.
  • Improve their verbal reasoning and essay writing skills.
  • Be asked to think critically, develop independence and resilience
  • Be encouraged to read around the historical topics and undertake further study.
  • Be offered opportunity to attend enrichment events such as our GCSE trip to Berlin.

Assessment Summary

History Assessment Summary

Assessment of History and feedback to students centers around three concepts:
1. Retention of Historical knowledge.
2. History ‘Know How’. (The ability to read, comprehend and respond appropriately to a specific Historical question)
3. Communication skills.

At Key Stage 3: Summative (Formal) assessments are completed once per half term; these will alternate between knowledge-based tests aimed to improve memory for learning and extended pieces of Historical writing. These assessments assess student’s ability apply their understanding of second order concepts, such as chronological understanding, cause and consequence, significance and source analysis skills.
At Key Stage Four and five: All assessment at KS5 will be practice examination questions and these will be completed on a regular basis. These will alternate with knowledge-based assessment. Two formal mock examinations will be completed towards the end of Year 1 and again early in Y2.
At all Key stages feedback will have clear links to assessment criteria and will help them to address any gaps/misconceptions that they have in their Historical understanding. Students will be expected to resubmit it based on the feedback given Practice questions receive clear, graded feedback and targets to improve.

Y9 Bridging Year

In their Wider, Modern World Humanities lessons students learning will focus key events of 20th Century.  Students will be encouraged to make strong connections to the diverse political, economic, religious, environmental, and societal issues that will impact their lives as adults. The benefit of this allows pupils to build a greater depth of understanding as they explore the concepts through our holistic humanities approach.  Additionally, year 9 students who would like to go on to study History at KS4 will receive additional lessons in order delve deeper into the key events of the 20th Century and beyond, expanding their knowledge and developing their understanding of what it is to be a Historian.

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