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As a subject that at its core is based in the real world, we want pupils to understand and feel a connection to the content. Though academically researched elements are essential for success, an artistic and instinctive appreciation to how and why choices are made, is essential for any business operating in the ever-changing, dynamic, corporate world.

Economics and Business

Assessment Summary

Business and Economics Assessment Summary

GCSE & A Level
Students complete assessments that incorporate end of unit tests that use past paper exam questions to help pupils learn exam technique and develop an appreciation of what they will encounter in their final exams. Pupils will also undertake assessments in the form of Seneca and forms online tests as well low level testing using white boards.

Btec Level 2 & 3
Assessments at Btec take the form of internal & external units. Internal units are coursework based and the work submitted will straight away contribute to the final grade that the pupil achieves. External units are examination based and pupils complete end of unit tests that are focused on the specific topic being studied at that moment in time e.g. cash flow forecasting. These assessments are designed to prepare pupils for the final unit examinations by using a combination of past paper questions and teacher built resources that challenge pupils.

Y9 Bridging Year

The curriculum in Y9 is designed and being continually developed, to give the pupils a business adventure. Personal development is at the heart of the curriculum design in Y9 in Business. This includes curriculum activities that show success and failure (e.g., Dragon’s Den episodes) as well an external trip to a business so that pupils experience a real world, behind the scenes business operation. Both GCSE & BTEC lessons follow the same path at this stage. This begins with what makes a business successful. For example, why is certain marketing more appealing and successful than others? Pupils are put into groups so that they can start their own micro business enterprise. Starting a business is a learning curve and many mistakes have and will continue to be made. This develops personal awareness and encourages pupils, without pressure, to focus on their areas of weakness. This may be in presentation or selling skills for example. In doing that, business skills can be developed that will have an undoubted value in their post school lives.  The developing awareness of finance, marketing and prodcution is obviously useful for future examinations, but is picked up in a hands-on way that enables a life experience. On top of this pupils will be involved in class discussions on current, topical news stories. This will encourage them to think about what they hear and see in the real world and how this may affect their own families lives.

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