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Curriculum Intent

“The modern world doesn’t reward you for what you know, but for what you can do with what you know,” Andreas Schleicher

“More and more jobs are being automated; work is becoming more complex and requires higher order skills. The economy is changing, and workers are expected to need to change careers many times throughout their lives, with all the learning that entails. It is anticipated that with the constant changes in technology, our {students} will be working in jobs barely even conceived yet. Core knowledge and concepts retain their importance but, the mission has become to ensure young people can think critically and creatively, solve complex problems, make evidence-based decisions, and work collaboratively.” Australian Council for Educational

Research – ACER. (n.d.). Defining skills for the future: What’s in a name?

The Drama Department at Ralph Thoresby is dedicated to nurturing imagination and creativity within our students as well as developing the 21st century skills they will need to navigate the world in which we live. We are an experienced, high-achieving, creative and forward-thinking department. Our varied provision spans beyond the curriculum, celebrating Drama, Theatre, and the Arts in all aspects of school life. We are not bound by the constrictions of the National Curriculum; our curriculum is fluid and adaptable to meet the ever-changing needs of our students. Each term, students are taught topics that cover theatre styles (including theatre history), play texts, issue-based Drama (sometimes including specific texts and stimuli) and theatre practitioners. Each scheme has a knowledge and skill focus. The aim is on providing contemporary, industry-standard opportunities enriching the cultural capital of our students. Students are also provided with a rich and dynamic extra-curricular Drama provision often beyond the confines of the school site. Students can take part in workshops, specialist training, cultural visits and practitioner-led sessions on a regular basis. Students in Drama are encouraged to be brave, take creative risks, and continually build on the skills learnt to become confident and independent students, we want them to be able to confidently express themselves through informed use of physicality and vocal skill, making and performing various forms of drama and using excellent group work skills.

Support and Challenge in the Curriculum

Effective provision is planned for, and all students including PP and SEND are well supported in lessons. SEND and PP students will have additional resources available to help cement this new knowledge into their working memory. Lessons will be differentiated in accordance with their students’ passports.

The entire Drama Curriculum has close links to the school’s RALPH Values, and much of what is covered helps students grow into understanding, empathetic and confident individuals ready for their next steps in life. The curriculum is designed with every single student in mind, regardless of ability, all the schemes of work, topics and themes aim to engage, inspire, and develop students at Ralph Thoresby into the best version of themselves whist respecting the subject and developing their skills and acting talent along the way. We aim to have an inclusive teaching approach that ensures all students are suitably challenged and make better than expected progress.


Assessment Summary

Drama Assessment Summary

Assessment of Drama at Ralph Thoresby is based on practical work, and reflects the uniqueness of the subject, recognising and embracing its complexity.
During Key Stage 3, formative assessment is continuous, reflecting on students improving creative, collaborative, and performance skills. Students complete one summative practical assessment per half term and verbal feedback, either self, peer or teacher regularly occurs in each the lesson. One homework project is set per half term, and marked on Arbor
During both Key Stage Four and Five, at the end of each mock or real unit, a summative assessment occurs with detailed, graded feedback given, with clear links to assessment criteria. Throughout performance units, opportunities for verbal feedback, self and peer assessment are made available, with clear targets indicating how to move the work forward

Y9 Bridging Year

All students will study Drama through our Wider Modern World curriculum which gives students an experience of undertaking a role within a performance. Students may choose the role of performer but they also have the opportunity to develop technical or design skills. The curriculum focuses on the need for teamwork and to work collaboratively on a performance piece supporting others through the rehearsal process. The development of communication skills, as students interact and give peer feedback, is an integral part of the rehearsal process. Through carrying out rehearsal activities students can be supported in identifying the individual performance or technical support skills relevant to their chosen role. These skills are then be developed through practical activities and further rehearsals. The rehearsal process allows students to develop self-confidence and a sense of working as a part of a team.

Drama Specialism

Our vision in Drama is to shape all students into successful learners, who enjoy the many aspects of Drama and through their enjoyment make excellent progress and achieve their best. We aim to create confident individuals, who thrive through shared responsibility and self-motivation to create engaging pieces of drama. Our curriculum in Year 9 allows our inquisitive students to explore and question the roles and relationships between theatre, culture, politics and the world they live in. Through this questioning of self, application and building of performance skills, we provide a safe environment for students to explore and develop their character. This year allows students the opportunity to experience a wide range of skills and job roles within the drama and theatre industry, as well as developing a wide range of transferrable skills.

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