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Our subject encourages students to develop skills and the ability to engage and understand the designed and made world. Students in Year 7 and 8 will have the opportunity to study Food and Nutrition, Textiles, Graphic Design and Resistant Materials. Our specialist teaching staff encourage students to foster their creative and practical skills in order to create products in all 4 of the disciplines. We foster innovation and creativity using a variety of resources including digital technologies where possible. Students will develop skills, knowledge and understanding in order to problem solve, plan and develop creative and innovative products.

Design Technology

Assessment Summary

Design Technology Assessment Summary

In KS3 (years 7 -9) all students will complete one assessment per half-term. Each assessment will be based on the recent topics covered and be made up of multiple choice questions and PINS marking for designing and making activities.
A progress judgment will be awarded and reported against the schools criteria.
In KS4 (year 10-11) all students will complete at least one assessment per half-term. These assessments will be based on GCSE NEA marking or mock GCSE papers. This grade will be reported as a GCSE grade.
In KS5 (year 12-13) all students will complete at least one assessment per half-term. These assessments will be based on A-level NEA marking or mock papers. This grade will be reported as an A-level grade.

Y9 Bridging Year

Students will have the option of studying Food and Nutrition or Design and Technology. Our work in Year 9 allows students to take risks and push their creativity. The time in Year 9 allows us to follow interests and educational opportunities that arise. The vehicle for this is a range of short design and make tasks covering all material areas. We link in relevant theory to ensure that students are continually developing their understanding. Students have the time to fully develop skills as well as have a sense of pride in the work they produce. We invite previous students in and ask them to share experiences of our subject at degree level and beyond. Year 9 give students time to blend knowledge and mastery of skills alongside allowing students to research, develop and prototype products with an increasing degree of autonomy.

Our Wider Modern World offer in Year 9 allows all students to study the broader aspects of design and how choices designers make impact the environment. Students will also study a module on Food and Nutrition looking at making healthy lifestyle choices.

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