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In Psychology we aim to encourage students to develop their inquisitiveness and problem solving. Psychology is the scientific study of the mind and behaviour and the course poses the question why do we learn, behave and think the way that we do?

Within Psychology there are different schools of thought on why and how people behave the way they do and throughout the curriculum students will get to understand and compare four of these approaches- Cognitive, Learning, Social and Biological. We then apply these approaches to look at issues such as aggression, gender, consumer behaviour, stress, addiction and psychological disorders. Students also get to carry out their own psychological study and see first hand what it is like to experience running a research project and reach their own conclusions on the causes of behaviour.

Psychology is an exciting and interesting subject and allows students to understand more about why people think or act differently to them and understand how psychology is applicable to all areas of life from health and education to the advertisements they see on TV and Social Media! Studying the subject can open pathways to studying degree courses such as Psychology BSc and careers working in the growing sectors of mental health.

Applied Psychology (6th form)

Assessment Summary

Applied Psychology Assessment Summary

KS5 (year 12-13)
This qualification is a BTEC National Extended Certificate, equivalent to one A Level (60 credits) and is assessed by 50% coursework and 50% external examination
Throughout the course students will complete at least one assessment per half-term. These assessments will include multiple choice and A-level extended style questions or coursework. A percentage mark will be awarded and graded either Pass, Merit or Distinction.

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