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Curriculum Statement

Ralph Thoresby School is a thriving, fully inclusive comprehensive school. Our curriculum reflects the diverse nature of our community as we seek to enrich the lives of all students in our care. Our focus is on the individual, acknowledging both their rights and responsibilities. Our curriculum is the foundation on which excellent teaching and learning is built and delivered, tailored to the needs to each student.

The Ralph Thoresby Learning Journey highlights the wide-ranging opportunities, available to all students, that make up our unique curriculum. The learning journey is adapted to cater for students who arrive with very different abilities and aptitudes and our aim is to stretch and challenge all students from all backgrounds, within a caring and supportive structure, that motivates all students to realise their potential so that they progress successfully to the next stage of education, employment or training. As well as receiving a range of experiences throughout school life, students also gain knowledge and insight into a range of fundamental values throughout the curriculum.

Our vision is one that seeks to support and develop students’ thinking on relevant issues of living in modern Britain, so that they become: * Successful learners who enjoy learning, make progress and achieve. * Confident, independent individuals who are able to live safe, healthy and fulfilling lives. * Responsible citizens who continue to make a positive contribution to society. We value the arts and remain committed to arts subjects, both as part of the curriculum and as part of the school’s extensive enrichment and extra-curricular programme. We have high expectations of academic success and discipline and believe that these are best achieved in a caring environment. We are committed to supporting STEM subjects (science, technology, engineering, mathematics) that inspire students’ curiosity through a range of practical applications in and out of the classroom.

The Ralph Thoresby Way consists of 5 attributes that promote respect and good manners, as well as excellent approaches to learning. These fundamental principles are designed to ensure that our students are always:

R – Resilient A – Ambitious L – Learning P – Polite H – Harmonious

We recognise the importance of each individual and the school’s place in the local community. Our aim is to instil a genuine sense of pride and respect in our students so that we are able to work positively with the local community. We aim to promote lifelong learning by developing creative, independent and reflective learners. We believe in ambition and achievement for all.


‘We want to ensure all students leave Ralph Thoresby word rich and with the vocabulary to thrive in life. The links below take you to subject specific vocabulary for each department. Explicit vocabulary instruction happens across all departments using frayer models. A frayer model is a visual organiser that explains the meaning of a word, examples, non examples and may ask students to use the word in a sentence, explain the characteristics of the word or offer facts to show further understanding. Departments have identified both Tier 2 (high-frequency words that are frequently seen in an academic setting) and Tier 3 (subject specific language) that will be developed across the entirety of their curriculum.
Parents and Carers are encouraged to test their child’s knowledge of these words on a regular basis.

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Parent Portal