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At RTS we aim to support all our staff in their professional development at each stage of their career. We have 5 CPD strands that incorporate all that is on offer to teaching professionals at RTS.  

Strand 1: Bespoke whole school CPD 

Strand 2: Additional Internal/External training 

Strand 3: Leadership Development 

Strand 4: Early Careers Teacher 

Strand 5: Further sharing of best practice opportunities. 

Early Years 

During the first three years of becoming a teacher you can expect a huge amount of support from colleagues within your department, across the school and from the senior leadership team at RTS. At the school we have a commitment to developing our staff through responsive CPD.  

All Teachers  

We expect our staff to take an active role in their own CPD and to be aware of the key developments in education. At RTS we have a research-based approach to CPD and we understand that the needs, and wants, of different teachers often requires specific support.   

Middle Leaders/Senior Leaders  

At RTS we believe it is vital to support staff who want to become leaders in education. We want to invest in our staff and therefore have a range of programmes, courses and support to enable you to do this.  

Other opportunities 

We offer the full NPQ suite to staff to apply for and actively encourage both teaching staff and support professionals to apply for these.  

Support Professionals 

We actively encourage support professionals to develop their expertise whilst working at RTS and offer both external and internal CPD to enable this.  

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