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Coronavirus: Online Learning

Year 7-10 & 12 Learning

Students in Y7-10 should try to follow their normal timetables – completing work from the subjects that they would normally have each day. Staff will be uploading different tasks at different times each week, so content will be changing and new materials uploaded for students to complete. Students can email their subject staff for support if required. Students should work independently as much as possible. Students can email staff their work, however our current focus will be on Y11 and Y13, for obvious reasons. Please email [email protected] should you require further support.

For students without access to the internet at home, we are in the process of creating hard copy packs consisting of English, Maths, and Science work. We hope these packs will be available from MON 23rd onward. Parents can collect from main reception or, if self-isolating, we can deliver work.

Year 7 to 10. Click here to get work.

Year 12. Click here to get work.

Staff will be on hand between the hours of 08:30 and 15:00 to answer any queries. Please use the app messaging system (MyED) or contact via email directly using the staff email details below.

Sixth Form Transition: Reading Lists

Our departments have put together some essential reading for those students who will be joining us in sixth form from September. Click the links below for more information.

Year 11 contemplating Science and/or Maths A levels for September, CGP Head Start for A level Maths, Physics, Chemistry and Biology guides are currently free for kindle download on Amazon.



Geography: Coastal Systems and Landscapes

Geography: Contemporary Urban Environments

Geography: W & C Cycles

Health & Social


Maths: Introduction

Maths: Diagnostics

Maths: Tests

PE: Unit 7

PE: Unit 4

Product Design

FAQ: Opening/Completing Tasks

Using your school email

Sign into your school email by going to mail.office365.com

Enter your username (school network username @ralphthoresby.com). E.g [email protected] and your email password (this is NOT the same as your school network password, unless you’ve specifically set it to that).

If you do not know your school email username/password, email Mr Gill ([email protected]) using your personal or parent/carers email who will send you your login details for school email.

Once signed into your school email, press the grid of 9 dots located in the top-left hand corner of the browser. Once pressed, you have access to a variety of office software, as well as OneDrive.


If you have not got office software installed to open Word documents, PowerPoints or Excel spreadsheets, you can download Open Office to open/edit files.

Download Open Office from:



Both operating systems have native apps that allow you to open/edit documents. Click the file from OneDrive then follow the on-screen prompts to open in the desired app.

Google Docs/Office 365

Both cloud-based systems allow users to open/edit office files.

For Google Docs:

Sign into your Google Docs account and select “new”. Browse your device for the downloaded office file and upload it. Google Docs will then convert it for use in Google for viewing/editing.

For Office365:

Sign in to Office 365, go to your OneDrive library or team site, and then click (or tap) the name of a Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, or PDF document. The document opens in your browser, in Office for the web.

Staff Contact List

Initial Surname Email Subject
A Goodrum [email protected] Art
A Gregory [email protected] Art
S Knight [email protected] Art
C Bradley [email protected] Business Studies
M Hancock [email protected] Business Studies
A Jacobs [email protected] Business Studies
A Gill [email protected] Computing/iMedia
E Teall [email protected] Computing/iMedia
J Padbury [email protected] Computing/iMedia
S Williams [email protected] Drama
S Ross [email protected] Drama/English
P Boden-Hook [email protected] English
S Fletcher [email protected] English
L Henderson [email protected] English
A Krivan [email protected] English
P Padmore [email protected] English
M Price [email protected] English
K Wolstenholme [email protected] English
J Zambrano [email protected] English
E Mooney [email protected] Food Tech
C Hutson [email protected] Geography
D Illingworth [email protected] Geography
J Missin [email protected] Geography
J Thomas [email protected] Health & Social
R Vernon [email protected] Health & Social
R Liptrott [email protected] History
R Ward [email protected] History
S Amir [email protected] Maths
C Byrne [email protected] Maths
A Caswell [email protected] Maths
A Fletcher [email protected] Maths
S Glover [email protected] Maths
M Harter [email protected] Maths
B Keyes [email protected] Maths
J Powney [email protected] Maths
L Reynolds [email protected] Maths
J Tayleur [email protected] Maths
C Whiteley [email protected] Maths
C Bourne [email protected] Modern Foreign Languages
J Oldridge [email protected] Modern Foreign Languages
A Taylor [email protected] Modern Foreign Languages
D Evans [email protected] Music
S Hackshaw [email protected] Music
J Hammond [email protected] Music
G McPartling [email protected] Music
V Hope [email protected] PE/Sport
S Hunt [email protected] PE/Sport
S Mcleer [email protected] PE/Sport
H Singh [email protected] PE/Sport
A Richardson [email protected] PE/Sport & Health and Social
R Jones [email protected]hthoresby.com Photography
C Bell [email protected] RE/Citizenship
E Little [email protected] RE/Citizenship
F Mahmood [email protected] RE/Citizenship
J Cheetham [email protected] Science
G Cowgill [email protected] Science
C Garbutt [email protected] Science
K Ghosal [email protected] Science
R Gillot [email protected] Science
D Mulvaney [email protected] Science
L Proll [email protected] Science
R Wilkins [email protected] Science
R Meegan [email protected] Technology
A Smith [email protected] Technology

Parent Portal

Parent Portal