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Coronavirus information

Coronavirus: Positive Cases

Please see the letters below in relation to any positive COVID-19 cases.

End of term / Start of term in September

UPDATE LETTER: The following link is an update to some questions that we have received following the release of the documents below: https://www.ralphthoresby.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2020/07/Update-letter-16.7.20.pdf

As we reach the end of the academic year, please read the following two documents from Mr Carr….

End of term / start of term letter: https://www.ralphthoresby.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2020/07/Letter-re-end-of-year-and-plans-for-Sept-2020.pdf

Re-opening plan from September 2020: https://www.ralphthoresby.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2020/07/Re-opening-plan-from-7.9.20.pdf

The information will be updated in August, addressing any changes that need to be made in response to updated government guidance.

Key Worker Survey

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As of 09/04/20, our guidance to Year 11 students now includes Vocational Qualifications

Please read our latest letter here 

MON 23rd March - 3rd Update from the Headteacher

Staff Emails

Initial Surname Email Subject
A Goodrum AGoodrum@ralphthoresby.com Art
A Gregory agregory@ralphthoresby.com Art
S Knight SKnight@ralphthoresby.com Art
C Bradley cbradley@ralphthoresby.com Business Studies
M Hancock hancocmj01@ralphthoresby.com Business Studies
A Jacobs Andrew.Jacobs@ralphthoresby.com Business Studies
A Gill agill@ralphthoresby.com Computing/iMedia
E Teall evangeline.teall@ralphthoresby.com Computing/iMedia
J Padbury JPadbury@ralphthoresby.com Computing/iMedia
S Williams sharlene.williams@ralphthoresby.com Drama
S Ross samantha.ross@ralphthoresby.com Drama/English
P Boden-Hook bodenp01@ralphthoresby.com English
S Fletcher SFletcher@ralphthoresby.com English
L Henderson henderl04@ralphthoresby.com English
A Krivan Aaron.Krivan@ralphthoresby.com English
P Padmore paul.padmore@ralphthoresby.com English
M Price megan.price@ralphthoresby.com English
K Wolstenholme WolsteK04@ralphthoresby.com English
J Zambrano Javier.Zambrano@ralphthoresby.com English
E Mooney EMooney@ralphthoresby.com Food Tech
C Hutson cHutson@ralphthoresby.com Geography
D Illingworth Daniel.Illingworth@ralphthoresby.com Geography
J Missin jmissin@ralphthoresby.com Geography
J Thomas jthomas@ralphthoresby.com Health & Social
R Vernon vernonr01@ralphthoresby.com Health & Social
R Liptrott RLiptrott@ralphthoresby.com History
R Ward RWard@ralphthoresby.com History
S Amir Shaizad.Amir@ralphthoresby.com Maths
C Byrne chris.byrne@ralphthoresby.com Maths
A Caswell acaswell@ralphthoresby.com Maths
A Fletcher alex.fletcher@ralphthoresby.com Maths
S Glover sglover@ralphthoresby.com Maths
M Harter Madeleine.Harter@ralphthoresby.com Maths
B Keyes bethany.keyes@ralphthoresby.com Maths
J Powney JPowney@ralphthoresby.com Maths
L Reynolds lreynolds@ralphthoresby.com Maths
J Tayleur john.Tayleur@ralphthoresby.com Maths
C Whiteley cwhiteley@ralphthoresby.com Maths
C Bourne cbourne@ralphthoresby.com Modern Foreign Languages
J Oldridge oldridj03@ralphthoresby.com Modern Foreign Languages
A Taylor andrew.taylor@ralphthoresby.com Modern Foreign Languages
D Evans Dave.Evans@ralphthoresby.com Music
S Hackshaw shackshaw@ralphthoresby.com Music
J Hammond jennie.hammond@ralphthoresby.com Music
G McPartling gemma.mcpartling@ralphthoresby.com Music
V Hope HopeV01@ralphthoresby.com PE/Sport
S Hunt sOlbison@ralphthoresby.com PE/Sport
S Mcleer SMcleer@ralphthoresby.com PE/Sport
H Singh hsingh@ralphthoresby.com PE/Sport
A Richardson arichardson@ralphthoresby.com PE/Sport & Health and Social
R Jones jonesre06@ralphthoresby.com Photography
C Bell cbell@ralphthoresby.com RE/Citizenship
E Little Emily.Little@ralphthoresby.com RE/Citizenship
F Mahmood FMahmood@ralphthoresby.com RE/Citizenship
J Cheetham jcheetham@ralphthoresby.com Science
G Cowgill gcowgill@ralphthoresby.com Science
C Garbutt Catherine.Garbutt@ralphthoresby.com Science
K Ghosal kelly.ghosal@ralphthoresby.com Science
R Gillot rgillot@ralphthoresby.com Science
D Mulvaney MulvanD01@ralphthoresby.com Science
L Proll lproll@ralphthoresby.com Science
R Wilkins Richard.Wilkins@ralphthoresby.com Science
R Meegan rmeegan@ralphthoresby.com Technology
A Smith ASmith@ralphthoresby.com Technology

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