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Congratulations Year 13!

Congratulations to all our Year 13 students on making it through the most extraordinary exam year I think anyone can remember! Our year 13 students have shown incredible resilience in coping with school closure, the cancellation of final exams and, more recently, a great amount of debate about the nature of this year’s grades.

We should be very proud of our students and what they have achieved in challenging circumstances.

For the majority of students, the grades awarded are excellent and what we expected as professionals. For a very small minority, the methodology used to calculate the grades has led to an unexpected outcome. Where this is the case, we will work closely with individuals and families to challenge any anomalies. In the meantime we should celebrate some significant successes…

Once again, the vast majority of applicants to Higher Education have been successful in gaining places and we are working closely with any students who are still waiting for places to be confirmed.

Once again, and despite the widely reported turbulence in outcomes, our Year 13 results are in line with national averages and reflect an incredible amount of hard work on the part of students and valuable support from teachers and families.

Thank you, as always, for your continued support.

Will Carr (Headteacher)

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