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Coaching Personal Development

Our Coaching model provides the opportunity for our students to develop their oracy, leadership and social skills.

During Coaching students have the opportunity to discuss and debate a wide range of topics and interests with their group. This encourages students to develop their oracy skills and how to express and develop their opinions. The Coaching groups are vertical therefore students

Coaches will also encourage students to take a lead on activities during Coaching to help develop their confidence and leadership skills.

Student Leadership Opportunities

Within our House system there are several leadership opportunities that students can put themselves forward for students need to apply and interview for the positions which equips them for future post 16 interviews and the world of work after RTS.

House Captains- In Year 9 and Year 11 students are given the opportunity to apply as house captains. This is a very important role in which the house captains develop their communication and leadership skills by presenting in House assemblies to over 200 staff and students and organising and supporting whole school events. They are also a key role model for other students and will represent the school

Student Wellbeing Ambassadors- Students in all year groups can apply to be a wellbeing ambassador. Wellbeing ambassadors are students who support the wellbeing of their peers. They receive training in mental health wellbeing and safeguarding to equip them to support their peers. Student wellbeing ambassadors run a lunchtime drop in session in which any students who would like to speak to a friendly face or calm place to have lunch.

Student Parliament

Students can also apply to be part of our student parliament and represent their house. Two students per year group can represent their house (so 8 per year group in total) in parliament. As a student parliament member they have the opportunity to discuss decisions about how our school is run and represent the views of their houses and peers.

Parent Portal

Parent Portal