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At RTS our Coaching model is the cornerstone to our pastoral support systems and all members of staff are assigned to one of our 4 houses and a Coaching group. Coaching groups are vertical and made up of 10-12 students, with 2-3 students from each year group Y7-11. Students stay in the same Coaching group throughout their time at RTS so you will get to know your Coachees and their families very well and be their first port of call for support.  

Coaching is an opportunity to get to know and support our students outside the classroom setting. Coaching takes place three times a week. Monday and Wednesday mornings and last thing on a Friday afternoon. As your Coachee’s key member of staff in school it is important that you are the first and last person they see each week with an opportunity to catch up in the middle of the week. Each Coaching session is 30 minutes long and takes the form of a check in question, game and activity supported by our  school Newspaper the Ralph Report.  

Monday Check In:  

The Coach ensures every student is prepared and organised for the week ahead , students fully informed about key events and opportunities happening in school supported by the Ralph Report . There is an opportunity to share updates from their weekends and catch up on any topical areas of interest.   

Wednesday Check Up: 

An opportunity for a catch up with their coaches on how the week is progressing, time to look at progress and behaviour data. There will also be time to discuss the current topic in the Ralph Report. 

Friday Check Out:  

This session is an opportunity to reflect upon and be recognised for their achievements. Groups take part in a  fun ‘community builder’ activity which allows pupils to make positive relationships, build upon their oracy and team building skills and end the week on a high! 

House System 

Every Coaching group is part of a wider house team. We have four houses Owls, Kestrels. Kingfishers and Falcons lead by a Head of House and student house captains. Students and staff can identify members of their house from the colours of their ties and badges so this instills a feeling of community and belonging.  Students attend house assemblies once a fortnight with their coach and take part in house competitions once a half term to win house points. Students can also earn house points by earning positive behaviour points (Key 5 RALPH Values) and attendance. Staff and students can also ‘Shout out’ each other to praise or thank each other through the Ralph Report shout out pages which also earns the nominee a house point.  

Staff Coaching  

When you join RTS you will be allocated to a staff circle. Your staff circle will be made up of members of staff from your House. Each circle is made up of staff members from across the school community so that you get to know staff from different departments and roles straight away. We meet in staff circles every Monday morning during our Staff Check-In, during this time you will check-in with each other after the weekend and have an opportunity to discuss the main focuses and priorities for that week.  

As part of our House system you may also want to join in our Staff Games, we have a points table separate to the students in which you can work as a team to win points for your house.  The staff games take place once a half term and are a range of activities from Quizes to dodgeball to scavenger hunts and are a great opportunity to unwind and have fun with your colleagues.  

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