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Citizenship at Ralph Thoresby School will provide our students with the knowledge, skills and understanding to prepare them for playing a full and active part in society. Citizenship helps students to understand the world around them, the way the UK works and students will gain an understanding of how people relate to one another.  

Our citizenship curriculum covers Personal, Social and Health Education, Relationships and Sex Education, Political studies and Careers. The topics covered are designed to ensure that students can live a happy and healthy life, this will equip students with the knowledge and understanding to help others who may be struggling. 

Citizenship lessons will equip students with:  

  • The ability to explore political and social issues critically  

  • The ability to respond sensitively and intelligently to important, and often controversial, issues  

  • The ability to debate political questions passionately  

  • The knowledge and ability to manage their money and plan for their future financial needs  

  • The knowledge and skills needed to help others who may be experiencing a difficult time 

  • An understanding of how to be a good citizen who can work towards social justice and a better future for all 

Citizenship is taught by a specialist team to all year groups. 

Please see the Curriculum section of the website for further information: 

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