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Berlin Trip 2019, My Experience:

On the 21st of October 2019, me and 29 of my fellow students travelled to the wonderful city of Berlin with 3 of our teachers. From start to finish, this amazing trip was jam packed with activities that kept us entertained and happy all day long. Some of the highlights of this amazing trip were definitely: visiting the TV tower, which gave us a view of the entire city, and also walking through part of the Berlin Wall. I also thoroughly enjoyed our walking tour of Berlin, and the tour of the Cold War bunker.

Through the tour of the city and the bunker, we were told so many new facts about the events we learned about in class, and were able to imagine it happening in the space we were standing. It helped us get into the mindset of the people who would have been in that situation. Not only was this trip thoroughly enjoyable, but it was also an excellent opportunity to develop our understanding of the events of the Cold War. I am very thankful for this opportunity and would recommend this brilliant trip to any students studying GCSE history.

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