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Berlin 2022

Arina Bolton – ‘The 2022 trip to Berlin was a great experience and I would recommend it to anyone. Despite travelling for what felt like a long time to arrive it was definitely worth it and the time that I spent in Berlin made me want to stay longer. There were a lot of famous landmarks we visited, such as the Reichstag Parliament building, the Brandenburg gate and the 368m TV Tower which we went to the top of on one of our evening trips. This trip really gave me a better insight on Berlin life during the divison of the East and West, thanks to our tour guide. The days were very busy and well organised to make the most of our time there. Some days we toured Berlin, visited museums and visited different parts of the Berlin Wall; we even went souvenir shopping for us to remember. Sharing hotel rooms with friends was another thing that I liked about the trip and being able to travel around Berlin with them and go shopping made it even more fun. This is definitely a trip I will remember’.

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