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As students enter the final phase of their Key Stage 3 studies, we are delighted to be able to offer information to support the hugely important decisions that those in Year 8 will soon take.

Our Y9 curriculum exists at the end of KS3 and acts as a transition into KS4

Y9 is about discovering the wider world, in greater depth, in each subject specialism and explore new and interesting areas that will support KS4 (Y10/11).

Here is how Y9 fits into the bigger picture:

Our Y9 curriculum itself, consists of 3 parts:

For more information on each of the there parts, please consult the course handbook (below).

Students will choose to focus on some subject specialisms and are required to make these choices by FRIDAY 20th March. The PowerPoint presentation from the Y8 Choices Evening on THURS 6th Feb is available to view and gives more information as to what is involved along with the choices students can make in each pathway.

For more information, please contact Mr S Hackshaw (Senior Assistant Headteacher) by emailing [email protected]

Y8 Choices Booklet

Click here for the Y8 Choices Booklet

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