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World Book Day Creative Writing Competition 2024

World Book Day Creative Writing Competition 2024

Honourable Mention Prizes:
Year 7 Runner-up:
Malaika Jamil (Falcons 14): A thoroughly charming story about a first day at school.
Year 8 Runner-up:
Jessica Rose-Lyons (Kingfishers 18): A very moving story about a lost child.
Year 9 Runner-up:
Libby Simons (Owls 16): A very atmospheric story.
Year 10 Runner-up:
Tilly Brown (Kingfishers 18): A terrific effort. Tremendous work-rate.
Year 11 Runner-up:
Logan Ducey (Falcons 14): A story so grindingly gory that it was not appropriate for all year groups to read!
Exceptional Effort Award: Martha Waddell Falcons 5) – for the absolutely brilliant story, The Moonlight Gaw.

A quick thank you from Mr Hook (Head of English and Whole School Literacy):
World Book Day gives us the opportunity to recognise the remarkable talent and work-ethic of RTS pupils. It has been a real privilege to read so many great entries and to select these winners. Alyssa and Lacey’s entries show us that, with creative writing, less can sometimes be more. Ethan, Yuvraj and Aaniyah all have different styles but they are all wonderful entries. Martha Waddell’s entry, The Moonlight Gaw is utterly charming and deserves special recognition for effort. Enjoy!

Year Group Winners:
Year 7 Winner – Alyssa Page-Martin (Kestrels 10)
In an undisturbed scenario of rotten smells and corpses, a laboratory stands. To be specific, a laboratory of human misdeeds and conducts, driving everyone along with tests and robbery of identities, vanishing their once human thoughts of any warmth of mindset. Now trapped for a desired outcome of humanoid monsters, in this very laboratory.

Year 8 Winner – Lacey Smith (Kingfishers 9)
Today was a rainy day. Clouds adapted the blue sky to grey and the overwatered flowers slouched down into the drenched mud. A young girl stared down at the garden from her bedroom window, immature and sulky, watching her hard work get ruined by the weather. Her brown hair was already soaked from poking her small head out of the window – and her tiny fingers.
The girl sighs in boredom, her emerald eyes scanning the room until she sees her sparkly blue notebook on the desk. She untucks the chair and sits, her pen entwined in her fingers. She opens a fresh page and begins writing.

Year 9 Winner – Ethan Jordan (Kestrels 19)
Bouquets of artful flowers flooded the floor and, above them, almost like an angel from heaven, a fairy. Her swan-like elegance was highlighted by the cracks of sun through the towering trees. She hummed a song in harmony with nature. The greenery rusted and butterflies fluttered through the snaking vines.
It was beautiful. I just wish it had remained like the memory in my mind. Tip. Tap. Tip, tap, tip, tap and it never slowed down. It was raining now. Tears fell from the kingdom in the sky. The highlights of sun taken away and the natural song turned into a chatter. Boom and crack. A flash of light. Another boom – but this time it echoed. A storm had approached.
Then, the chatter stopped and the running of the rain filled the air. A crack – but this crack wasn’t like the last one. A burst of hell. An amber glow sprouted from one of the trees and it crackled and clicked. The fire had begun. A tear and a rip and it all came tumbling. The once towering trees now buried in dirt.
The fire spread like a river. Fire and rain fought – it was a battle of the elements – and the earth had already lost. The fire was like the sun, a burning star with a timer. Flames smothered the life our of every plant and the thick fog hid the sun away. Every butterfly that once populated the gardens was burnt to a crisp and the bushes screamed for help but no one heard. Nobody was around; no person, no animal, no help. Everything changed.
Bouquets of flames stood where the flowers once did and above them, almost like the devil itself, a phoenix.

Year 10 Winner – Yuvraj Phandey (Falcons 8)
Trees rustle in the warm breeze. Then, the jungle is silent. Many rumours had been passed around about temples of gold in the jungle. Several had ventured into the unknown in search of them and none had come back. They were said to have wandered through the jungle, delirious with hunger and thirst, never to be seen again.
This, of course, created a great fear around these temples, stopping anyone from searching for them for years. However, this did not stop one famed explorer. It had been a long time since his last discover and his money was running out faster than he would like to know. He overheard a story about temples containing all the gold anyone could need for their whole life and his temptation and sheer desperation were too strong.
He travelled deep through the jungle for days until, at last, he stumbled into a clearing with a he temple, just like the one from the stories. And so, he ventured, with barely a moment of hesitation. The going was slow, for he was tired and there were overgrown vines trying their hardest to trip him until, finally, he came to a large central room – a dead end. A small depression in the wall led him to the conclusion that there had to be a hidden door. He pushed and pushed until it finally slid open.
He beheld the mother of majestic sights. Stacks and stacks of gold and jewels and other riches before him. Everything he needed and more. More, so much more. He could finally pay all his debts.
So, he sat there, enthralled by his discovery, thinking about all he could do with this gold. He never moved again. He sat, staring, and never left. Trees rustle in the warm breeze. Then, the jungle is silent.

Year 11 Winner – Aaniyah Karim (Owls 8)
A dark night. The damp sand getting pulled in by the sea. The thick, smoky clouds rolling in like boulders, ready to crush anything in their way. The merciless winds causing the enormous waves to crash and erupt like lava from a raging volcano, spitting like a wild animal. The waves punching and beating the rocks with all their might. The overcast sky enveloped with angry clouds, surrounding a clearly visible moon. Shadows danced menacingly among the trees. The air thick with an unspoken disease, making the seaside lake a haunting tableau beneath the shroud of darkness.
The moon cast feeble light upon the lake, its surface reflecting an eerie sliver glow. A man, wrapped in a long green leather jacket sat by his car window, his eyes fixed on the passing scenery and holding a depth of stories and secrets. His tousled blonde hair added a touch of casual authenticity to his appearance. Lines etched across his face told tales of experience and weathered years. Analysing his surroundings, his eye fixed on a certain point.
A shadowy night. Cleaned up well and dressed in a tailored jacket, the middle-aged man eases out of his sleek, luxurious car, a subtle tension lingering in his gaze. Locking the vehicle, his eyes travel to the child-lock button, switched off. He turns around. There’s a forced smile on his face, with a flicker of apprehension in his eyes, playing accomplice to the discomfort of the scene.
Stars and the moons luminosity are barely visible. Gloom fills the air as the man walks to the edge of the lake. The darkness feels heavy, oppressive, almost supernatural. Carefully, the man slips his hand into his coat pocket, his fingers navigating its depths. His hand meets with a small object which he withdraws with caution. Distant stars that speckle the night sky cast a faint glimmer on the laminated photograph, revdealing three young children.
Whispers of wind carry a sense of foreboding. In the dark of the night, the man grips the photograph tightly and impulsively leaps into the water, knowing he can’t swim, gasping for breath, he almost regrets his decision, fear choking him like a tight necklace. He lets go, the water pulling him deeper, knowing the world above was now far out of reach. The atmosphere chokes its surroundings without a hint of mercy. Resembling the ghost of some once majestic being, the delicate fog lays effortlessly below the clouds.
The ebony night seems to envelope the entire skyline. A family of four stroll beside the moonlit lake, dog leash in hand, its tail wagging happily as they enjoy a tranquil night.

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