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2021 Reading Challenge

Read The Time Machine by H.G. Wells in 11 Days

As a school, to celebrate World Book Day 2021, which takes place on Thursday 4th of March, we are setting ourselves the challenge to read a whole book in 11 days, finishing on World Book Day itself. We plan to start reading on Monday 22nd February. All students will take part in the reading challenge in their period 6 lesson each day, at 1:40pm.

A copy of the book is available to download and print by clicking here, if you wish to read from paper rather than the shared screens in lessons.

Students will need to continue the challenge across Saturday 27th and Sunday 28th February as well.

To support all students with the challenge, we have created an audio book, that reads the text each day. Use the links below to open up the relevant day and listen / read along.

COMPETITION: To encourage everyone to get involved, we are running a special ‘guess the reader’ competition. A different member of staff will be reading each daily section. Keep a record of who you think is reading and, on World Book Day – our final day of reading, you will be able to submit your answers for the chance to win amazon gift vouchers!

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